Text of UCLA statement on Orchard Bubble Baby Decision

Here is the text of UCLA’s comments on the Orchard Therapeutic decision today to turn over its license for the bubble baby treatment to CIRM and UCLA. The statement was released by the Broad Stem Cell Research Center.

“The decision by Orchard Therapeutics is good news for patients and their families. UCLA will work closely with Orchard and CIRM on the many details necessary, including FDA permission, to make the treatment available to patients through an expanded access program as soon as practical. 

“Given the complexities of clinical trials and regulatory processes, we are unable to offer a timetable. Beyond that, UCLA and our collaborator in developing this therapy, University College London, will look for a new commercial partner who can seek full regulatory approval and make this treatment available long-term. 

“UCLA is a leader in developing treatments and medications that enhance and save lives, and our commitment to facilitating access to discoveries made in our labs is a reflection of our public service mission.”


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